Monday, November 26, 2007

Turkey Day 5k

What a beautiful morning! When I was finished with the run I decided that this was my most favorite race to date. It was chilly; about 25 degrees. You warm up real quick though when you get moving. It was like running in a snow globe. Big flakes slowly drifted down during the entire race. Except for the river of people, all the world looked still and peaceful. I busted my butt to get that 31 minute time, but alas it was not enough. Final time was 31:40 for 3.14 miles. I'm gonna round down to 31:30 because of the extra .04 and the traffic jam at the finish line. I'm pleased. I was probably in pretty good shape I guess to run the 10 Mile because a month and a half later after minimal running I can still eek out a good time. I wonder what I could have done with the 5k when I was in that peak condition!!!??? I could have been a condender! It's been a good month and a half though, so I don't regret what I could have done.

One of these years, I am going to cook a Thanksgiving dinner at my house and invite the whole family to run the Turkey Day 5k. It was a really fun thing to do before eating a meal. I just felt better the whole day. The food even seemed to taste better. I would like to share that experience with the family some year. Consider this an official invite :)

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Megan said...

I have been reading your blog, very inspirational! Keep up on your fitness goals, I am proud of your accomplishments thus far. I wish we could see each other more instead of catching up on your current affairs this way. We need to get together! I thank you for the motivation your blog has given me! Love ya!