Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Haiku about work

I miss my baby.
She is growing up too fast.
What if I miss it?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Plus Size Runner

Not only am I trying to run postpartum after a hiatus from ANY form of physical activity, I realized the other day while trying to lug around, oh say, 40 more pounds than usual, that I have never run at this weight before.  When I started running I was about 20 pounds lighter.  It's the perfect storm.  When I said before that this is the bit of training where it gets difficult.  When you start running more than you walk...I meant it.  And it did get hard.  And I got discouraged.  And I skipped a few runs.  And then tried to redeem myself this week.  I feel like I'm failing.  And while I know I won't FAIL, because I will persevere, I'm struggling right now.

Interestingly enough, cardiovascularly, I feel that I have a slight edge.  I'm not that winded when I run.  It's my legs, butt, core that can't handle it.  And really, I feel that breathing was harder to master than building muscle so that's the good news I have.

And time.  I have no time.  Now that I'm back at work, it's hard to fit everything in.  Now I only get to see Clare for about 3 hours each evening before she goes to bed.  Some of that is dinner time for me and my husband and then add a 1/2 hour into that for running.  Ok.  I'll admit, when I type it out it doesn't seem like that much effort.  Even to me.  But for some reason, I never feel like I have the time and I always default to my baby.  And I feel that is as it should be.  She's a baby.  I want to be with her.  We'll have to find a way.  That's all.

In the mean time I'll be plodding along, one foot in front of the other at about 4 mph with my flashers on in the slow lane.