Monday, March 29, 2010

Finding my footing again

A part of me is embarrassed to start posting again; ashamed that I have been gone for so long. Not running for so long. Not doing much of anything for so long. How could I forget how great I feel when I finish running for 2 hours. How strong I feel when I can do 20 push ups (could I really do 20 push ups?) I was looking at pictures of races from the past 5 years. How could I not see the shape I was in. I totally took it for granted.

But here's what it comes down to. You do or you don't. There is not try. There was a long string of didn't, now is the time to do.

Two things I know. 1) I need more lean muscle mass. Kick-ass mass, haha. 2) I need to log some miles. I've been interested lately in the shorter races again. Thinking that I can work up to long runs ranging from 10-13 miles, but focus on the shorter distances for racing. 5 and 10K. I still am not in a huge hurry to map out an entire race season like I did last year, but I open to a few things. The Minneapolis duathlon being one. Biking is grand.

Something I just thought of, I would like to challenge myself to be uncomfortable for a race. When people 'race' a race they push themselves to the brink to get the best time possible. I'm more of a distance challenger. I don't like to be uncomfortable. For one, I'm afraid of failure so I often times don't even start. But this year. I think I could try one 5k where I set a goal and if I blow out at 2.5, well, I tried. Try again later. Eventually I would get there.

The time has come to stop blogging about the plan and start blogging about the progress. I've been pounding sand for too long.