Monday, September 22, 2008

In the end

It was totally worth it. I completed my 10-Mile training program with 11 miles on Sunday. I was excited for the run for many reasons.

1. I was going to have family around to encourage me. And run with me for the last 3 miles or so.
2. Last weeks 10 mile sucked because I was trying something new. Wanted to eliminate walk breaks. But now I know. I feel better, finish stronger AND am faster when I incorporate well timed walks. This run could not be worse or more painful than last week.
3. This was the LAST long run before the 10 mile.
4. My attitude. I just feeeeeeeeelt like this is going to be a great run. This run was my Everest (for this training session).

I am happy to report that this run will be listed in "The Top 5 Best Runs - EVER".

1. Bolder Boulder 2006. Ran with my dad.
2. 1st 1/2 marathon - Earth Day 1/2, April 2008
3. Turkey Run 5k - 2007. Fast and beautiful.
4. 11 mile training run with family

I spent the weekend at my grandma's house with a good lot of my extended family there. We picked apples from the tree on Saturday, went to the local parks and had a great day playing in the beautiful weather. The only regrettable thing was that I couldn't stay up very late to talk with my cousins because I had to get up early the next morning to run. Oh - I also regret not having enough time to go down the water slide at the hotel. That was unfortunate.

My aunt and uncle and 3 cousins (15, 12, 10) said they planned to rotate in and run the whole way with me!! I expected to be alone for the majority of the run so this was a most welcome surprise. We started at my cousin's house which is kind of in the country and took the long way to my grandma's house. The fam rotated about 2 mile legs with at least 2 of them running at a time. At about .3 miles in we passed a field of about 5-6 horses and as we ran by they ran along the fence past us to the other end of the field. It was really cool. We talked until about mile 8.5 - which I usually would have quit talking about mile 3 and I felt great. I extended my run time between walk breaks and I still felt great. The weather was perfect, the course was new and fun and I even managed negative splits! Holy cow! When I got to grandma's there was a note that said "Breakfast is on the counter and coffee is made" (everyone was at the hotel swimming or at church), so I had cantaloupe and scones from Great Harvest bakery courtesy of my most talented baker cousin. There is nothing better after a run than Great Harvest race rolls. Or Great Harvest fruit muffins. Or Great Harvest Berry Scones. Or.... you get the idea. This was one of those weekends you remember as the good 'ol days.

I am so ready for this run. I'm so excited. I'm also really nervous that I'll let myself down. What if it doesn't go as great? What if I try to push harder and I run out of steam? What if I don't push hard enough and I feel like I could have done more?

Maybe I'll take a look at what else is on my list for the next few weeks since the running is slowing down for the next few weeks.......I notice that "Crochet blanket for cousin" has been up there for a while.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ripped from the headlines

"Her co-workers found her in a crumpled heap at the base of the treadmill. The machine still whirring at a dutiful 5.4 mph. She always seemed like a person who was in relatively good shape. Nobody could understand it. Then the autopsy revealed the cause of death that only a few had suspected: Stage 4 Boredom."

"It's no wonder. The poor girl was looking at this for the better part of an hour. " The chief of police said.

Pictures of the crime scene:

While I appreciate my company answering our request to have a fitness room in the new building, I'm not sure it will do any good if they don't get a tv or at the very least a radio. I don't think that is asking too much. Every Wednesday I come in here for a last chance workout before Weight Watchers and today I forgot my iPod. I tried running 4 miles.


I did 2. Fine. I'll take it and get the rock out of here.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Blubber Run 5K

Best way to recap is with photos:

My team. Double Dare contestants. Clearly, we took the physical challange!

A human fly swatter.....

Who swatted at passing flys.
A beer bottle. I think he had friends. Like 5 of them.

And the US Women's Gymnastics team. The cop was real though.

This is not your ordinary 5k. People dress up and have fun. It's sponsored by a brewery so there is a beer stop at the 1/2 way point instead of water. Well, the did have water. Fun times last weekend though!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Goal for the week

I am so backlogged with posts. I have two in the kitty just waiting for me to upload some pictures so they can be complete. So if I post 3 times in one day in the next week, no, my life isn't that exciting, I'm just trying to catch up.

This quick little post is to hold myself accountable. Put your goals in writing and they are more likely to happen??

Goal: This week log 20 miles.
Secondary goal: Eat to fuel my body. Just because I am eating the right amount of calories (ie Weight Watcher points) doesn't mean the food has been good fuel. I need to adjust that.

Plan: 10 miles on Friday and what ever is left on Sunday; probably < 3 miles

Challenge: Big weekend for parties. Blubber Run 5K on Saturday morning (which is more like an Oktoberfest with minimal running), party Saturday night, bloody marys and breakfast followed by the Vikings game on Sunday. Will need to find time to fit the last 3 in.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Tid Bits

Took the dog for a walk last night (this should now read, last week). I love the dog. Sometimes she gets on my nerves and I don't like the dog, but I always love the dog. I do believe the dog would drag me out of a burning building if I had passed out from smoke inhalation. It was a nice walk. Just me and the dog.

I bought this yogurt this weekend (ahem - last weekend) and if you put in a granola mixture (I used vanilla almond granola) it tastes like a banana cream pie. But get the Banilla not the Vanilla as pictured below. I couldn't find a picture of Banilla. (Banilla = Banana/Vanilla)

And finally, two pictures of the Mississippi Headwaters. This is where it all begin people!

Shoes - Let's obsess shall we?

I bought two pairs of shoes last night because I cannot decide which I like better. One is a stability shoe and one is cushioning. Well, let me start at the beginning I guess. I was going to buy Pearl Izumi's. I have come to love, love, love those shoes. They feel really solid. Since there is no exact formula for what is the best shoe hands down we have to go with what feels good. Sometimes I think too much emphasis is put on this shoe business, but whatever. I encourage the obsession at times too. But I go with what works. And I don't care if I don't need a stability shoe because I'm a normal pronator, it feels good and mentally I think it helps. I would wear flip flops if I thought it gave me any sort of edge to cross a finish line.

I march into the store and say I want to try on the Pearl Izumi SynchroInfinity in an 8.5. No problem. I also want to try on the SynchroFloats. No problem. Then he says "Have you tried the Mizuno Creations, or how about a Nike Triax, or Brooks something...." like he is trying to help me find the best possible shoe or something! The nerve! I'll skip why I didn't like Aisics, Brooks or Nike to say right now that I really liked the Mizuno's. A lot. But my brain was going "no! no! no! - we love Pearls remember!!!". So I bought both. I can't keep both. I will take both to the gym and run in both and make a final decision at some point.

Here's pictures of the shoes. Please post your vote in the comments! I'm trying to break my all time comment record of 4.

Mizuno Creation 9

Pearl Izumi

I can't decide because I like them both equally for different reasons. I like the Mizuno's (left) because the feel like the shoe and my foot are one. Like I am barely wearing a shoe at all. At the same time they are firm and I can feel the arch support. I don't feel like there is much between my foot and the road; I don't like a lot of cushioning because it feels like I am sliding around on it. I'm not that light in my loafers, you know? Also at the end of long runs I tend to get sloppy so while I don't need and stability for up to 6 miles, after that I don't control myself so I need the shoe to pick up some of the slack and not let my ankles turn in.

I like the Pearl's (right) because the feel like a really solid shoe. I can feel the stability in the pads of my feet when I hit the ground, good arch support. It just feels more substantial. But it also feels like maybe I don't need all that substance? Course I'm not exactly worn out when I jog around the store so maybe I'll appreciate the extra sense of a solid shoe at the end of 10 miles. I guess it is coming down to me trying something new that I think will work, or sticking with what I know I like and what works.

Yes yes, I can get one now and then the other after that pair wears out, but I don't have that long of an attention span. I'll forget my longing in another 300+ miles and find a replacement for the new "must have, will always love" shoe.

What do you think?
How do I decide?
Any advice?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Finally in a groove

This could be a boring post. But that's ok. It's ok because I feel pretty good about where things are at currently. I ran 8 miles on Sunday and even though it wasn't as noticeably great as the 7 from last week, I ran it and that was good. I went to yoga on Saturday morning and had the kind of class that I think they want you to have every time. I was relaxed and tried my best but did what my body was able to do. And I focused on my breathing like they keep reminding you to do. I really enjoyed the experience.

I napped, cleaned up just a little - the dishes still aren't done, went to the state fair, went for a pontoon ride on the mighty Mississip., held a darling baby, went for a walk around the lake and started to prep a room for painting. I would say my mood all weekend and into this week is simply content. I'm not feeling behind or rushed or anything. I'd like to hang on to this feeling. It's good.

The Republican National Convention is in town for the weekend/week and even though I'm not a republican it's kind of A Big Deal. We went to a restaurant on the river in St. Paul on Friday night and saw all of the preparations and security and national news tents. It was pretty cool. At this point I would like to pull out this high horse I keep in the closet and say some things.

I think it is totally absurd that Sarah Palin's daughter's pregnancy is being sprawled all over every network and analyzed and scrutinized all over the country. I mean that poor girl. I feel so badly for her. One day she is just another pregnant teen and the next she is national news! Who cares! The other thing is that I'm not sure I agree with the choice that Governor Palin is making. She has a 4 month old son who is down syndrome (and only mentioning this because he will require more care/attention than a baby without downs) another young daughter, and a pregnant daughter. As a mother (that I am not) I'm not sure this would be the choice I would make not quite knowing how many hours she will have to put in campaigning but assuming it will be A LOT. If it was a man in her would I feel differently? I think so..... and that really surprises me to say because I consider myself to be more of the liberal type when it comes to feminism and gender and the like. But I don't wear combat boots :) Anyway, I find her intriguing. An obvious strategic move by McCain who I still won't be voting for, but I would like to hear more from this Palin. I would like to learn more about her. It will be interesting to see how the campaign progresses.