Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Splish Splash

I'm such a little Joiner Judy lately. I signed up for a swim club on Tuesdays and Thursdays and had my first workout yesterday. Phew. We swim for a whole hour! That's a long time when you have no previous swimming experience except mmmaaaaayyyybeee some half hour training sessions for last year's tri. But it was good. I could feel the heat radiating off my shoulders and arms. Much fun though. And fun to be with a group.

Here is my new perspective on group activities. If you don't like being with people then groups are not for you. Obviously. Or maybe you don't have time. Or the money to join. But if your only excuse is "What if I can't do it" then to that I say "Pish-shaw! Are you a wimp or a warrior?" We all have something to give. All that is required is your best and you will never let yourself down. Even if you never finish with the group, even if you are forever the slowest one. Your out there working just like everyone else. I admit that, now, if I don't want to join a class it's because I know I'll have to work. I know there is no faking it because there are others there doing the same thing. OK, so I'll have to work, but also, I'm destined to have more fun! I'm just getting into the group thing and I like it so far!

I bought a new swimsuit tonight. If I'm going to be swimming twice a week regularly, clearly I NEEDED this. The other one I have is a bit too big, not flattering at all and well, it's old. I got this new one on sale AND it's reversable, so the deal I got there is really unquantifiable. Of course I got a new suit. That's why I dooooo different sports. More shopping! Duh!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Game On!

Ok, I'm back and ready to get this show on the road. The show of regular workouts, eating well and summer. The total mileage tally while in Ireland....big fat goose egg. Zero. I had a feeling that would happen. Short story, cities with too many people and street lights, country with no (and I mean NO) shoulder or curb or anything. Big breakfasts, busy sightseeing days, late nights at the pub. My travel partner - AKA my husband - ran twice. So obviously it was doable. I just didn't. But I'm just giving an update here. I don't care that I didn't run. Well, I don't care much. It was a GREAT honeymoon!

Allison talked me into doing a Masters Swim class with her on Tuesdays and Thursdays which I am looking forward to starting tonight. Even though I know I'll be the slowest person and probably won't be able to complete the workout. Wait, I just decided to employ my new running attitude on swimming. Ok - so I'm gonna have fun tonight and give it my all. There. That's better.

I'll get back into the running game on Wednesday back with my running club and do a long run on Saturday. Sprinkle in some biking for triathlon kick-off training, and it should be a good week. Trying to focus on the fun and the journey rather than the pounds I gained and muscle I lost on vacation.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Unofficial Results

I think I just ran my first sub 30 minute 5k. Unofficially. I ran around Lake Calhoun which is 3.12 so the distance is there, but I didn't have a watch or anything but the sun. But I think this was so because when I jumped out of the car it was 9:43. I waited for about a minute or so for cars to pass, crossed the street and hit the path running. When I stopped at the same spot after the run, waited for a few cars, opened my car door and checked the clock it was 10:15. Sooooo, a 30 minute 5k right???? Right!

Now I need to make it official, but at least I know I can do it. That was my last run and now am off to Ireland!!! That one 30 minute run should be enough to tide me over for the next 10 days right? I probably burned enough calories for the week right? At least I feel good about today!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My New Run Club

I had a fantastic run tonight! I joined this women's running group through community education, not knowing what was in store. I was hoping for a push during my run; something challenging. I could have very easily been the slowest runner in the group but I decided that was ok because I was there to improve. And if that was the case then I would have a lot of women to look up to for help. I was going to start this group with the new running me (see the previous post).

I got there and discovered over 50 women! We divided into 3 groups: Novice, Wannabees and Gottabees. I quickly decided I was a Gottabee because I've raced before, I can run, I just want to run faster. I was more than a Wanabee. When we regrouped outside they laid out the plan for the night: Run 2 laps around the lake (aka small pond - about .6 around) and then regroup and do a timed 1 mile trial. Instantly I heard "Twice around!", "Are there going to be any hills??", "Can we just run around the track?" and I thought "PEOPLE!!! Are we here to become better runners or are we here to learn how to mount and dismount a moving sidewalk!?!" I knew why I was there and since I was armed with my new attitude I was ready to rock.

I ran the first two laps at about a 9:49/mile pace. That? Is fast for me. I haven't ever kept that up for any serious distance. I was trying to keep up with the pack but I was still towards the back and I kept thinking "But...but....but.......I can go far! Just not fast." Then it came to the timed mile and I ran it in 8:44! Holy smokes. That's 15 seconds faster than last year's TC 1Mile and I had already run close to 2 miles. I'm totally gonna get better this year! I'm happy. I'm excited.

When we were finished with that they gave us the option to walk back to the building or do one more lap. This is where I would love to say that I jumped to attention and did the extra lap. I did do the extra lap, but I didn't jump to it like my new attitude should have told me to do. I did it because I was talking to this lady and I wanted to keep talking and she wanted to do the lap. She is faster than me so her slower pace was still a bit faster for me and I finished the evening with 3.23 miles at 9:18 pace! Woah!

Our camp motto (because they call it a camp) is "A fit woman is a powerful woman". And the quote they used is "The day will come when I can no longer run. Today is NOT THAT DAY!"


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wedded Bliss

Truly blissful. Truly. Our wedding day exceeded our expectations in every way! It's still hard to comprehend. Married. I am a wife. I like it. We enjoyed the day so much and I think we threw one heck of a party for everyone to have fun. I can't say enough about how perfect the day was nor how thankful we were to everyone that helped us with that day. People we didn't even know were helping out and I'm sure we'll never know some of the things people did for us. Gifts cannot repay and enough words of thanks cannot be spoken. We'll just continue to love and support our friends and family so they know how much we care. Hopefully we have the opportunities to make the same differences as they did.

Running has been off to a slow start this year. I've been a bit busy. But I managed to get some running in where I can so I don't feel completely lost, I just don't feel like I have my routine down yet. Transition periods can make it difficult to stay focused.

I am starting with a running group tonight through community ed. All women with varying ability. Although, I've found that most people who join running clubs tend to have talent; even though they say open to all levels it usually intimidates the novice runners. Except me of course. I'm usually towards the back of the pack but I still join. Anyway, I'm hoping to get some speed work, intervals, hills...anything that will make me work. My other runs tend to be the usual routine so I want to shake it up a bit.

I'm going to try to be a new runner tonight. These people don't know me or my history so I'm going to pretend like I have never complained a day in my life. Like I always do my best - realizing that my best may vary from week to week. Positive all the way. Zero negativity. Oh, and when they say "Hey, lets try something crazy" I'll say "Alrighty!" and be pleased with the fact that I attempted something new. And most importantly, the word slow will never come out of my mouth. I can run a 5k at about a 10:45/mile pace. Those are the facts Jack. I don't need to judge myself as slow, lest I judge others based on my own beliefs; nor do I need to worry about what others might think. I'm excited for the new me!