Friday, March 27, 2009

A Toastmaster Milestone

Today I finished my 10th speech with the Toastmaster organization I joined in October 2007. It's a milestone where you have reached a certain level of achievement and are now ready to tackle more complicated types of speeches. It's all relative really, but I feel good about it. I feel like I've learned some things about public speaking. I definitely know where I need to improve and that is why I want to keep practicing. Get better and better. It's been a hassle and a struggle at times, but overall, I'm going to keep with it. If for nothing else then for the simple fact that I would rather run that work on a speech. So there's that. I should be getting all my running done if I schedule myself to give more speeches! :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

Oh wait, what day is it today? My brain is in a complete fog of all the last minute wedding details that need to be wrapped up. I have a list. It's all written down, yet somehow everything keeps spinning through my mind. My parents are in town now and have their own sets of to do lists to keep them busy while I'm at work. And really, there is absolutely no way I would get this stuff done if I didn't have them here.

Last week I managed to complete my training for the week. I love it when I can follow the plan exactly. This week, I have to do the same, if not only to keep my sanity. I actually am happy to come to work because I know I don't have to think about the wedding. I will find the same escape in running for the next two weeks I hope. Sorry, can't plan, gotta run. That will be just for me. Luckily, my schedule only calls for a 4 miler as the longest run, so that won't take too much time. Just the right amount of escape.

I also lost 2 pounds last week and the wedding dress couldn't fit better! All is well in that arena too. I need only 2 more pounds to have lost 10% of my weight since joining Weight Watchers almost 1 year ago! 10% was only 15 pounds ladies and gents...yeah...I'm a slow starter. I know, I know, I KNOW I can get there on or before April 4th. Then, the honeymoon is going to cut right in the middle of me trying to get to my lifetime goal weight. That kind of bums me out, because I've really been doing great. I don't want any setbacks. I'm focused. And it took a long time of doing to get me to feel this way. As I have written before and still maintain, you get motivated after doing...not waiting to feel the motivation and then doing.

I can't wait to just be married. Life will still be crazy. We'll still have a million things scheduled. I'll still be trying to eat right and exercise. But I won't have to leave the one person who helps me through all this anymore. I won't have to say goodnight and go to my own home. We'll have each other from then on. I can't wait.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Glamour DO

Do: Splish splash through puddles during your run so your legs and shoes looked like you just went through the trenches and Kept......On......Going.

The best looking legs of the day award goes to this girl who passed me around the lake today wearing knee length black spandex, pigtails, and a black t-shirt. During the first 20 minutes of my run I was avoiding all of the puddles and flinching when I could feel the back spray on my legs and thought about my beautiful shoes getting dirty. Then I saw this girl, running on, legs dirty from all the spray, feet inevitably wet, running on. Her legs looked awesome! It looked like she had grit, like sometimes it's not pretty, but you just run on. I wanted my legs to look like that! So, I stopped trying to avoid the puddles (much to the chagrin of the other 10,000 people who were on that path). And on the return trip I ran straight through the section of path that always collect huge puddles when the snow melts because it dips in the middle. Hopefully my shoes will look worn, not never used.

Also, because I was inspired by the beautiful day, I thought, what if I smile all the time. Maybe some people will pass me and think "Look at that girl running. She looks like running is the best thing in the world. Why, just look how happy she looks". And then maybe they would want to try running too. Or maybe they would smile back. Or just think, what's that idiot smiling about? I tried it, but turns out it's not natural or super easy to smile while trying to rhythmically breath through your mouth. So that didn't last too long, but it was a good thought.

The 5k on Saturday was, ok. Turns out I was bitter, so nothing was really enjoyable yesterday. I was bitter because after what I thought was a decent week, I thought I would be down at least .2 pounds at Weight Watchers. But nope. Nada. Zip. NOT A SINGLE OUNCE. It was really upsetting because I've been feeling great about my choices. But the good news is, the past two times this has happened to me, something was different. I didn't want to cash in my chips and give up. I just thought, well I enjoyed my week no matter what the scale showed. I guess no loss is disappointing but I still had a good week. I'll just keep following the plan.

Anyway, with the taste of sour grapes in my mouth, I was none too pleased when the race involved an icy path. Pretty much the whole way, you never new if you were on ice or just moisture because the ice was so thin. With most of my steps I could tell that there was no traction as soon as I tried to push off and my foot would just slip out the back. I ended up still having a good run. And it was great to get out there with runners again. I just couldn't shake the feeling that the conditions were somewhat dangerous.

Happy Spring Trails!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm so excited!

And I just can't hide it! I'm about to lose control and I think I like it! (Except I've found out, I'm kind of a control I'm working on that). Wait, that parenthesis deserves an explanation. You never notice you're a control freak if everyone around you (especially the most important people) always do what you want. Turns out that happens to me. Not a terribly big issue; I'm trying to let go of preconceived notions and then disappointment or frustration when those notions don't exactly pan out.

This Saturday is the first 5K of the year. Weather permitting I will have fun. I bought a special green clover headband to wear because it's the Irish for a Day 5k. Then after that I get to take my three little cousins out for dinner. What a great day that will be!

There is less that 1 month until I get married. And March is the best month so far. All the fun stuff happens in the last month. I have bridal showers. I have a bachelorette party. I am moving. We are finalizing the reception, dj and everything else! It's like this is the month when it all happens. Oh, and I get to get my hair and makeup done and manicures and pedicures. All kinds of girly stuff! So exciting!!! Plus we get boxes on our doorstep and cards in the mail. What a build up. But we still have to pay all the bills so that kind of keeps you grounded.

I'm still looking forward to this year of races. I have my schedule and am ready to get out there. Plus, I'm trying something new this year - a running group. I signed up for a 8 week running group for women through community ed. I need help working on my speed so that's what I'm hoping for. The few group runs I did with the local Running Room were lots of fun so hoping this will be the same. I'm trying to maintain at least 10 miles a week and building for this month to get my base going again.

Here is my yearly race schedule for the biggies. Of course the year wouldn't be complete without the fun 5K's sprinkled in for variety and apparel.

May 25th: Mississippi 10-miler
June 20th: Garry Bjorklund 1/2 Marathon
July 11th: Lifetime Tri (possibly Olympic?)
August 8th: Gopher to Badger 1/2 Marathon (and my birthday!!)
September 6th: City of Lake 25k
September 27th: Iron Girl Duathlon (maybe)
October 25th: Marine Corp Marathon (maybe)

My summer goals include being outside exercising, going to the driving range once a week, golfing twice a month and weekly finding a quite place outside to sit and relax and reflect.

There is a lot of future exciting stuff. Presently I am excited for a friend's birthday party on Friday night and 3 days of some sweaty, muscle burning workouts before my next Weight Watcher weigh in on Saturday.