Monday, December 17, 2007

New Gear = Instant Enthusiasm

I took the plunge and bought a new snowboard on Sunday. I knew that when I decided to buy a snowboard it was going to be a hefty sum (well, to me anyway). I want something that is comfortable, easy and will last. I think I got all that in my new board. It's not overly girly which I appreciate; except if you count the little tiny unicorns in the white pattern in the middle. But they hardly show. Oh and also, the bottom of the board is white and the words and leaf are black. I'll be testing it out for the first time on Wednesday and then going again on Saturday! Perhaps one of my lovely cousins reading this blog would like to snowboard :) Have I got a board for you! I'll go with anyone, anytime, anywhere! (Offer excludes black diamonds, some blues, real mountains, when I am busy with other things or if I don't know you)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Where has the time gone?

It's important to stay on top of your goals and to periodically check in. Obviously I have completely lost track of any goals I had set for myself in November. Let the record state though that I am happy and healthy and even down a few pounds. (Three to be precise but who's counting) The point is, is that I don't want to read my post back and read about how obsessed with weight I was. This is not a cop out. I was really good about writing down everything I ate and counting calories. I could still lose 5 pounds by the end of December and I still want to start saving money for a trip. I have been having a lot of fun trying new classes at the gym and have been feeling like I have really worked myself.

Here is a question that was discussed the other day by my boyfriend and I. Is it ever ok to get a reward with out reaching the goal? When is it ok to change the original goal? Factually, speaking, if you don't succeed then you fail; but that doesn't mean what was achieved deserves no credit. Also, if you choose to comment, please comment on which way you think I lean. It would be interesting to see how others in my life are view me. Just curious. And no hard feelings :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Break in the Clouds

I need a break from work quick. Nothing is going right today and everything I am working on is very tedious and time consuming and things have to be right you know! What a pain. Instead I would like to pause to mention the best holiday song ever. Snoopy’s Christmas by Royal Gaurdsmen. It’s my favorite (non-traditional) Christmas song because it always makes me happy to hear it and sing along. It reminds me of Christmastime when we would drive home to SD and my parents and I would hear it on the radio and my dad and I would sing along. I don’t when the tradition started, but whenever it comes on the radio my dad always points it out to me so I don’t miss it. That’s a good memory.

And now back to work where I have to redo something I spent 1.5 hours on already, only to find for some reason all the data missing. Ug!!!! I’m to tired to think.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hurt So Good

They say admitting you have a problem is the first step, so here goes. I am in a relationship that causes me much pain and frustration, yet I cannot get out of it. I met Katie on November 26th when I showed up for her Cardio Dance class at the gym. I liked her instantly. She was wearing long tight yoga pants, and a mid-riff baring halter/bra top. She does not look like your typical fitness instructor, in fact she probably weighs more that I do and definitely has some curves to her. But man is she fit. The attraction then is clear. Here is a beautiful girl who some might define as overweight but could probably out last most people in a cardio endurance challenge. Extremely fit, fun, addictive, infectious and confident; that’s what she is. Girls need more role models like her. The dance class is a lot of fun. I like to pretend I am on tour with Brittany or on the Timberwolves dance team. It’s a great work out, and challenging for the muscles too. But she hurts me. She hurts me real bad. She taught a combo class that I went to last night that includes kickboxing, jumping and hard core muscle work. I never want to go to that class again. It was so hard and just constant high intensity jumping and twisting, that towards the end when I really tried to push through I was whimpering and whining and doubled over in exhaustion. It wasn’t because my muscles were so sore, but because I was beaten. I reached my limit; just broken down. I physically could not jump rope any more. I couldn’t lift my legs fast enough to keep up. My biggest fear in life is discovering the end of limits. What if I had always imagined myself at a point beyond that limit? That’s scary. The good thing about fitness is with enough practice you can usually break through to the next limit. The last limit I broke through was the 1st time I ran 10 miles. That was difficult. Think I cried that time too, but then I felt good about it afterward. I think I will feel good about it.......maybe this weekend. I’m still exhausted. I hope she is teaching next week so I can try again. She makes me hurt so much that I can’t get enough of her. :)