Friday, January 28, 2011

Like so many things in life

I knew the one I was going to marry when I met him.  It was a great relationship, positive and special, from day 1.

When I tried on that wedding dress, I knew it was the one.

When we thought about having a baby in October 2009, we knew we weren't ready.  When we thought about it early 2010, we just knew we were ready.

I had my doubts about if I would really ever feel ready for delivering this baby, but like so many other things in life (my life anyway), I should just trust that I'll know.  I'll feel it.  It will happen.  I've been waiting for the "uncomfortable" pregnant to set in for a while now so that I would be so uncomfortable that I would just want this baby out.  But that never happened.  Dang my ever optimistic positive attitude.  Maybe others feel uncomfortable at this point, but I guess I don't.  Granted everything for me has been super easy so far.  I can't complain.  So without that discomfort, how would I feel ready?  But I do!  In the past few days, I'm so ready.  So excited for this experience, so excited to do this with my husband.  Just ready.

I've ready about 100 articles on how to know when labor starts.  They all say the exact same thing by the way.  But I keep thinking if I read it over and over, maybe I'll see something that I over looked and maybe I'll be able to know if I'm close or not.  Or maybe labor started and I didn't realize it.  

Have I learned nothing???  I'm sure I'll know labor when it starts!

I'm "due" on Monday.  I tried to focus on a February birthday so that I wouldn't get too caught up in an exact due date.  But it's hard.  Especially when everything is ready!  Here is our temporary baby station until the remodeling completes and baby has a bedroom of it's own.

There are diapers and receiving blankets in a nice basket by the side of the dresser.

We got a co-sleeper for the side of the bed.  Hopefully I'll hardly have to wake up at all! Haha.

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Tara said...

I especially like the Willow Tree angel and the baby book :) Just kidding. I wish I was there with you. I can't wait to see you as a mama.