Saturday, April 16, 2011

Running strong

Running Camp Week 2:

The hardest part about this week was NOT using the 30% discount on clothing and 25% discount on shoes at the local running store after the run.  We met at a running store as part of the week's lecture series to give us information on all assessories running.  I wanted so very badly to buy the shoes that I would need next year and a few tops that I would NEED for this summer.  But I stopped.  Because.  Because I've grown.  I'm more mature than that now.  Eh.  It sucked walking out of there with nothing.  But you know what sucks worse?  My drawers not opening because they are so stuffed with clothes they get stuck.  And then I have to go through and decide what I want to get rid of.  And I think getting rid, is harder than walking away.  And after this remodel project and all of the crap Clare has been buying (I know, she's a total shop-aholic) I know that I want to have an organized house with less clutter.  And that means less stuff coming in or more stuff going out.  So no new shoes.  No new tanks. 

We ran 4 minutes walked 6 and I thought it was easier than the first week.  I think I'm getting more used to it.  Back into it shall we say.  It felt great again.  My whole week is better when I am exercising. 

I'm off to shop for jogging strollers.  Sure we already have a stroller, but not a JOGGING stroller.  And we might need one of those umbrella strollers too at some point.  See what I mean!?!  How much crap Clare has to buy!  Sheesh!

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Tracy said...

I have been following your blog for a while - I am also a new mom (my twins were born 12/5/10) and a former runner - I haven't had the energy, time, or clothes that fit yet to start up again. BUT, I love your sense of humor in your posts. So funny about the jogging stroller. I feel the same way! Good luck as you train for your next race. I must get in a training group, too. It helps so much!