Monday, October 24, 2011

You only fail when you quit trying

This has been one of my mantras over the years.  I didn't know it was a mantra until I kept failing at so many things but just kept trying.  Having a child changes everything.  Everything I don't like about myself I want to make sure she doesn't do.  Every good thing about myself and my husband I want her to learn.  And both, good or bad, she will learn by example.

I don't want my life to become my daughters.  I still have interests and goals.  She does get most of me, but I plan to keep some of me.  I'm afraid I will end up telling my daughter what to do rather than showing her.

If she says she is going to do something, she should set reasonable goals and work towards it.  And if she doesn't get it exactly right, she shouldn't make excuses or blame others.  She should just pick herself up and keep moving forward.

She should eat and enjoy healthy foods and have fun while being physical.   

She should be realistic about her choices.  Make sensible decisions.  Not shy away from hard work.  

She should realize how blessed she is to have a home and a family and warm mittens in the winter.  

She should always, always, always honor her mother and father.  

Those things above are what I want my daughter to learn and how I need to be for her to learn.  I'm sure there are many more things, but pointedly, I picked out the things that I feel I am NOT doing currently that I need to change.

I'm ready to be a runner again.  I'm ready to be fit and healthy.  So I've been running.  And dieting.  And it's gone good with the running.  Hit or miss with the dieting.  But that's my point.  I've got to keep moving forward.  Focus on the things I want and what I am trying to instill in my daughter.  I'll get there again.

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Golb said...

Good parents are their children's steppingstone to reach higher and it is a collaboration between them, not a one way street. Love makes it all work out.